Maciej Skierkowski

Maciej skierkowski


Maciej Skierkowski is the Director of Product at AppFog, where he manages the product and customer development process. Prior to AppFog, Maciej spent over five years as a program manager at Microsoft, working on Azure AppFabric Services and the Windows Communication Foundation. He began his career as a developer, and worked at the National Superconducting Cyclotron Laboratory and Monet Web Solutions LLC building applications.

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* PaaS: A Recipe for Success

There is nothing that compares to the simplicity and velocity of building applications for PaaS deployment. The practices around PaaS are already causing reverberations throughout the industry. Companies are becoming faster, deploying faster and more frequently, and meeting customer demand more efficiently. We will discuss how developers are being affected by PaaS, including deployment times, barriers to entry, scalability, and availability.
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Maciej Skierkowski