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Lucas Carlson is the CEO of AppFog, which he founded in September 2010. Before AppFog, Lucas led the development of MOG, a web 2.0, music-based, popular social networking application, from the ground up with Ruby on Rails and MySQL. At MOG, he wrote the majority of the code base, created an architecture that could scale as the community grew, and hired, led and cultivated a technical team. is currently one of the five most popular Ruby on Rails sites on the web. He has authored over a dozen Ruby libraries, including the Ruby Cookbook, and contributed to various others including Rails and RedCloth. Lucas participates in industry groups and speaking engagements on a regular basis around the country.

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* A NoOps Kind of World

Startups have received more funding since 2010 than at any other point in history. This is credited to a few reasons – low barrier to entry and the recent employment market in the US. Most importantly, however, is the role that core cloud technologies have played. We will discuss the history of the cloud, and how it has impacted startups and large corporations alike.
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Lucas Carlson