Alex Linsker

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Alex Linsker

Community Organizer: "Collective Agency"


Alex Linsker is a Coordinating Council member at “Collective Agency” in Portland, which he started with many people. As the main Community Organizer, he’s term-limited to June 15th, 2012

He helped start coworking places New Work City in 2007, and Tisch Talent Guild in 1999, both still successful.

2005-2009: Started culture of self-organizing teams in a retail company. As subcontractor, recommendations implemented on Subway Sandwich’s behind-the-counter menu boards and Microsoft mouse and keyboard accessory packaging.

He loves to play classical/jazz/improvisational piano, go hiking, and change his mind from learning new perspectives.

Proposals for this user

* Active Citizenship in a Room: growing our "Collective Agency"

Does your business have customers, people doing work, and/or people investing money and time? In what ways do you have trust/reputation, empathy/reciprocity, and ability to act? What public knowledge and shared experiences do people have? On what choices do they have the ability to make decisions and get stuff done? Alex Linsker will share his experiences learned from Portland's cooperative workplace "Collective Agency". The focus will be guided break-out sessions for you to grow an active citizenry of your work. What kind of city do you want your business to be? What are non-traditional ways to work with many active, equal citizens, and to be an active, equal citizen yourself?
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Alex Linsker