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I know for sure that the Convention Center allows alcohol, OSCON has hosted beers + wine there for sure.

BUT. Does anybody know if there are special rules about other kinds of alcohol there? One of the talks features a "performance element" that includes alcohol :D, Code Igniter As a Drinking Game.

Also, we want this to be interactive, yet alcohol is not free. Discuss.


1) The conference's contract with the OCC prohibits the conference organizers from bringing in outside food or drink. We are required to purchase everything through OCC vendors.

2) In addition to OCC restrictions, the conference organization cannot serve alcohol to attendees without a OLCC certified server. There are also liability issues involved with making sure no one gets drunk and injures themself or others.

Exercise for the reader: figure out what effect, if any, the above should have on individual actions. _____________________________________

bystander response (@thesethings)

Thanks so much for the 411!

Are the rules different in the Hacker Lounge? Earlier this talk was scheduled to take place there, am wondering if it could move.


So it sounds like there are only two options:

1) Jeffrey drinks while the audience watches him

2) We figure out how to have a no-host bar

I'd prefer option #2 if it's feasable but if not I'm fine with flying solo; it certainly won't be the first time I've gotten drunk in front of a conference crowd. (Kidding.) (Sorta.)

~~ @jeffreymcmanus ____________________________________

I see three options here:

1) Jeffrey drinks by himself

2) If the Hacker Lounge is more lax, rule-wise, talk is moved there, as it is "after hours" anyway.

3) We use official OCC bar thing.

If we made people pay for their drinks, it might not even be that expensive. I was talking to @osbridgebot last night, and @osbridgebot said @osbridgebot would contribute towards this.

~~ @thesethings


How can we get an answer to the hacker lounge question?



I've been talking with Hilton. The rules are accommodating there:

  • People can take drinks from lobby-level drinks to Hacker Lounge as long as they don't drink them in lobby
  • Hosting a bar in the Hacker Lounge costs $100 (and people buy their own drinks, not so bad)

Before we formally spring location change suggestion on @osbridge folks, let me finish vetting oCC bar costs. I have call in already with Vicki (OCC contact), will report back.

~~ @thesethings