2009/Getting Lunch and Dinner

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Food Map

Please use our Oregon Convention Center Food Map to find a place to eat nearby. The sections below will help you get there and back in a timely fashion.

Eating on Broadway

There are many great restaurants on nearby NE Broadway street. To save on walking take the Max (located outside the north entrance to the convention center) one stop east to the Lloyd Center, then walk north to Broadway. The trip is free and goes quickly during the day.

Bus lines 8, 10, and 77 will also take you to a few different areas of Broadway (but require fare). See trimet.org for transit trip planning.

Food Carts

Enjoy a little Portland Culture by eating at one of our great food cart clusters. There are three on the map that are just quick to get to. Take the Max to downtown and get off at the numbered street closest to the cluster you want to try out. This free trip takes less than 10 minutes and will get you some cheap and yummy food. More information on the carts can be found on the Portland Food Carts Map.

Vegans (particularly) and everyone else rejoice! On Thursday afternoon one of the food carts is coming to us! Koi Fusion will be bringing their awesome Korean fusion tacos & burritos to the neighborhood! Check out @koifusionpdx on Twitter for updates or plan to head to the parking lot behind the Starbucks & Burgerville (near the MAX stop).