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What's a Hacker Lounge?

We have an all hours hacker lounge space available at the top of the Hilton Portland and Executive Tower, during the conference. This is in the same central downtown location as the conference room block, making it easy for attendees to hang out and code into the wee hours of the night.

Questions about the Hacker Lounge

  • Is there a restaurant or bar on the same floor?
  • Can we eat/drink in there?


  • The hacker lounge space used to be a bar and restaurant called Alexander's, but it went out of business. So now it's just a space.
  • We'll have some snacks for you in the evenings (but not enough to skip dinner).
  • You can bring your own lunch/dinner along if you'd like, but the organizers are restricted by one of those annoying "you must use our catering services" contracts.

Follow-up questions:

(Thanks for fast response!)

  • So you're saying individuals can bring stuff in, it just can't be brought in by @osbridge/organizers and provided that way?

Follow-up answer:

  • Yep, unless we order it through the Hilton's catering services


  • Is the hacker lounge available for locals who are NOT staying at the hotel?


  • Yes, just show up.

Can I schedule a code sprint for my project in the lounge?

Absolutely. Fill in the table below with your project name, a contact person, the day and time you'd like to make use of the lounge, and a link to a page where people can get more information on what you'll be working on. The hacker lounge will be open from 9am Wednesday through midnight on Friday.

Project Organizer Time Details
DiSo Project Chris Messina Thursday 1pm-5pm Open interoperable building blocks for decentralized social web
The Perl Foundation Jonathan Leto To be decided Hackathon for Rakudo, Parrot, Moose, Catalyst, tests, etc
Calagator Igal Koshevoy To be decided Open source events calendar
OpenConferenceWare Igal Koshevoy To be decided Open source conference and event support platform
Profiling Ruby Interpreters M. Edward (Ed) Borasky To be decided Tools to profile Ruby (and other) interpreters on Linux
Sunlight Labs Peter Krenesky Intro: Wed@3pm
Coding: Wed/Thur
Fifty State Project - Parser for each state's legislation.
YQL Tom Hughes Croucher To be decided YQL Workshop.
Mozilla Dietrich Ayala To be decided Firefox and extension hacking.
Open Web Games OWG Group 7pm Thursday Sprinting on development of a game using Web standards and technologies. More info on this thread.
Day On Nate Angell Wednesday 6pm-7pm Open house for non-profit organizations to consult with Day On geek volunteers
Day On Nate Angell Thursday 6pm-7pm Open house for non-profit organizations to consult with Day On geek volunteers

How else can I help out?

We need a number of hacker lounge assistants to keep things running smoothly. If you'd like to volunteer, please fill out the form on our volunteer page. Other hacker lounge needs are listed on the planning wiki.


Please bring (or arrange with a community member) a projector and screen if you need one. We also encourage you to bring your own extension cords and power strips.