2009/Lost and Found

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Please come to the volunteer lounge to inquire about lost and found items. The convention center also has a lost and found department.

Found items:

  • headphones (found in Hawthorne)
  • umbrella (found in Steel)
  • iPhone (found in Steel)
  • Headphones (found in Marquam)
  • mini-display port to vga adapter (found in Broadway)
  • USB Headset (found in Speaker Lounge)
  • Slide Carousel
  • Pair of (reading?) glasses.
  • Nalgene water bottle with Tripple-A "Fasten your seat belts" sticker.
  • Two (2) Apple Mag-Safe style MacBook power adapters. [one has been claimed]
  • One (1) Apple coaxial style iBook / Powerbook adapter.

If you've lost any of these items, please contact info@opensourcebridge.org

Lost items:

  • black cord & glass necklace. Glass has written on it 'May I be aware' belonging to @PDXyogini Lost 6/17
  • white Mac power cable Lost 6/17
  • Green starbucks recycled plastic travel mug. Lost Thursday. [FOUND. Contact info@opensourcebridge.org if you're the one who lost it.]