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All presentation rooms have a projector available on Wednesday and Thursday. During the unconference on Friday, projectors will be available in St. Johns, Fremont, Burnside, and Morrison. The rooms will have a VGA connection at the podium to hook up to the projector. The projectors also have a composite video input, and we can handle DVI with an adapter. We will have a few converters on hand for presenters with MacBooks who have forgotten theirs, but please bring your own if at all possible. If you have a different connection need, let us know in advance and we can try to facilitate it. Please, use the projector test setup in the speaker lounge prior to you presentation to make sure you have all the quirks worked out. We will have someone on hand in the lounge to help you with any needs.


Whiteboards will be available in all presentation rooms except for St. Johns and Fremont. This is because the stage will place presenters too far from the audience to effectively use a white board.


The speaker lounge is in room A109. Please help yourself to one bottle of water prior to speaking. The projector and screen are there for you to test out your equipment before you go to speak, so please take advantage of it. The tables here are a quiet place for you to collect your thoughts. Enjoy!

Get Interviewed

Tech Podcast Strange Love Live will be broadcasting & interviewing speakers from the convention Wednesday & Thursday from 10-5 and from the Hacker Lounge during the after party on Friday. Please contact @camikaos on twitter or at strangelovelive@gmail.com to work out at time to be interviewed.

Speaker Appreciation Party

We'll be having a party to thank you for your contribution to this conference, on the evening of Thursday, June 18th. Check your email for details in the next few days [written 6/12].