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Unconference Schedule

Sessions are 45 minutes, and start on-the-hour.

There is a text schedule with links below the board photos.

Unconf1.jpg Unconf2.jpg


St. Johns

Open Source Vendor Experiences

Eric Searcy


Everything's a File: the guts of tar, gzip, gif and friends

Webcomics, graph algorithms, and functional programming: case study of a webapp and webcrawler in Haskell

Jamey Sharp

Burnside B113

Snakes in a Motherfucking Cluster: Distributed Computing in Python with Pydra


Marquam B119

Personal Development for Software Devs: Communication & Community

Courses mentioned during the discussion include Landmark Education and Vipassana meditation.

Kevin Turner

Personal Preservation and How I Suck at It: A Support Group

@msamye / @mettaclove

Morisson B115

Open Street Map: Free Wiki Map of the World

Hurricane McEwen

Hawthorne B118

How are you finding meeting space: User groups, etc

Ben H / John L

Steel B111

How to Make $ and Still Have a Life: Freelancing?

Callie: @hylaweb


St. Johns

Anticipatory Anthropology: Making the Future Work for You

John Prohodsky

St. Johns (Back)

Quick & Dirty Accessibility Testing: Without Screenreaders

Callie / ? @hytmuel ?


Playing with Yourself: Open Source documentation teams

? Jane

Fremont (Back)

Moving from Proprietary to FOSS: What are the Challenges?

Grant K.

Burnside B113

Growing Dangerously Organic Communities

Mike Levin / ?

Marquam B119

Telecommunication in the Time of the Plague


Morisson B115

PIMP my SLIDE: Presentation Software WYDIWYS, Animations, etc.

Keith Lofstrom

Hawthorne B118

RFP Response to Sam Adams

Mary Anne

Steel B111

Building an Open Source Community Directory

@pgesh - Peter Eschright

Broadway B110

Geek Choir

Michael Brewer

Discussed topics included: Audacity (audio editor)

abc (music notation format)

GNU LilyPond (music notation editor)

Songs covered came from: Choral Public Domain Library (CPDL)

Southern Harmony online

12:00 - 14:00

Exhibition Hall

Portrait Studio on Film!

John L


St. Johns

Reimagine Perl 5 / perl5 + i : Fix your Perl pain in one line!

@Schwern, Project page: github.com/schwern/perl5i

St. Johns (Back)

Day On: Give geekly advice to deserving nonprofits (without signing up for life ;)

@xolotl, Project page: DayOn.org


Map/Reduce + Queues for Everyone!

Eric Day / Brian Aker

Fremont (Back)

Fighting a Lucene battle to Ferret out a search engine that doesn't Sphinx: Share your search engine experiences

David Brewar

Burnside B113

Does your Project Culture Suck?

John Prohodsky

Marquam B119

Free Money: P2P Banks, Currency & Barter as an alternative to national currencies

Jordan Curzon

Morisson B115

User Experience: Found Missin' (from FOSS?)

Callie - @hylaweb

Planning an Open Source Usability Summit for OSB 2010?

Reid B

Hawthorne B118

The Next Moore's Law "Netness" Why everything wants to be connected, and how connectivity itself is evolving towards connectivity fields and entangled lives.

Sheldon Renkin

Steel B111

Post Mortem: Not 4 CSI

Scott Daniels

Broadway B110

Music Jam -- Bring instruments and/or ears and/or feets

Kevin Jeff


St. Johns

What has Microsoft done to you lately? Have you taken a turn toward the light side?

Scott Blomquist

Advocacy Tips from your Friendly Neighborhood Microsoft Evangelist

Jason Mauer

Apps for Democracy and the Beavers Ballpark

Elizabeth Buckwalter


Opening the Community to Open Source

John Prohodsky

Fremont (Back)

Polyhedrons: Origami

Mary Anne

Burnside B113

How Open is Your Project? Metrics for FLOSS

Evan P.

Marquam B119

Taking Open Source to the Illogical Extreme: Creating Open Companies

@mettadore / @neophiliac

The Spice Must Flow!! Dune

@BramPito / ?yoadore

Morisson B115

So - How do you run an open source conference anyhow?

Audrey Eschright

Hawthorne B118

Where are the Geeky Women and What are They Doing?

@ubergeeke - Maria Webster

Steel B111

Windows Mobile & Open Source?

Kevin T.

Broadway B110

FCAPS: What the hell? (Net management)

@gorthx (Gabrielle) / @robotatom (Adam Lawry) / Josh Keroes