2009/Unconference Session Ideas

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What would you like to talk about? What would you like others to help discuss?

  • Skills for collaboration
  • Mentoring, training, helping amateurs become professionals
  • US Puzzle Championship 2009 (takes place day after osbridge - June 20) - http://wpc.puzzles.com/. The puzzler-tech geek connection; how thinking programmatically can help a person as a programmer. Anybody already doing uspc 2009 or otherwise a puzzle geek please contact me; would love help collaborating on this. - Addie Beseda @demew
  • Puffy the Personal Cloud: a distribution of best-of-breed open-source web apps for mail, blogging, microblogging, photostreaming, etc, intended as small-scale replacements of Gmail, Flickr, twitter, etc. One person hosts, and friends become users -- trust your data with people you actually trust (i'm open to other names). @jmelesky
  • Responding to RFP's (?) - Mary Anne Thygesen
  • polyhedrons - Mary Anne Thygesen
  • How to take your proprietary project/code/product open source @mccun934
  • Why end at Open Source? Let's go all out and talk about an Open Company! What if Hydrasi hosted code sprints, and all contributers owned part of the company? What if there were software user forums, and active users became company shareholders? What if a company paid back a community for all the work that great people do in a truly tangible way? Crazy idea? Probably, but I want to see how far this can go in a brainstorming session. Let's take Open Source to the illogical extreme and talk about how to create a construct for an Open Company. (Mettadore)
  • Webcomics, graph algorithms, and functional programming: an open-source case study of a webapp and webcrawler in Haskell. @jamey_sharp
  • Everything's a file: games with archive formats and git repositories. How to take apart compressed files and archives, store the pieces, and put them back together again, byte-for-byte identically. Or, an exploration of how archivers or Git work inside, if that's more interesting. @@jamey_sharp
  • "User Experience: Found Missin' (from FOSS?)" @hylaweb
    • How can we encourage usability, accessibility, and general user experience practitioners to contribute more to FOSS?
    • Are you a developer hoping to "cross over", or at least learn about doing some quick and dirty usability testing in your work?
    • Are you a UX person wanting to get more into development?
    • Have you found it difficult to find people to help with UX on your FOSS project, or is it more difficult for UX'ers to find something they feel comfortable contributing to?
  • "Quick & Dirty Accessibility Testing (for people who don't know how to use a screen reader)" @hylaweb
    • Any interest in this? I would love to throw out a few basic examples and see what other folks have done, or I can show bits of presentations I've given on accessibility. I have lots of interesting analogies :o)
  • "Work for myself? What?", or "How to make money and still have a life." @hylaweb
    • Freelancing, contracting, telecommuting, managing clients, and generally just TCB'n (takin' care of bizness). Any experienced free agents care to lead this conversation?
  • Dune (all Harkonnens {it’s stillsuits, you collar-wearer, you} welcome!) @brampitoyo
  • Werewolf (the game) @brampitoyo
  • Gearman - Asynchronous queues, distributed jobs, and Map/Reduce for everyone! @edaypdx @brianaker
  • Network management (basics & a few tools.) @gorthx and @jkeroes and @robotadam
  • Information management and processing, productivity @strangeways
    • How do you keep track of all the resources you come across or hear about, such as software and websites? Non-sucky bookmark management?
    • Best practices for dealing with email - Inbox Zero? Archive and search? Folder hell?
    • Tracking tasks and managing to-do lists.
    • Information overload and methods for dealing with Twitter, RSS, social networking, etc.
  • "Conference Usability" meta-session - feedback and suggestions for next year's Open Source Bridge, thoughts on what really stood out, opportunities for improvement & other ideas, perspectives from attendees/volunteers/speakers, how it compared to other conferences you've been to, etc. @strangeways (I wasn't involved in organizing the conference, but this might be useful? Any interest?) [@spinnerin - I agree! Selena and I will do a meta-session]
  • Open Source Community Directory - Can we make a shared international resource that lists user groups, conferences, and other events in the open source community? How can we keep it accurate and complete? It was a lot of work for us to get contact information for groups to do community outreach. We built a data set, but it’s still incomplete. Let’s build a collaborative project to document open source community activities, allowing individuals and organizers to find and contact communities in their area and beyond. @pgesch
  • Pydra - Distributed computing for python. Full management console, Security, Queuing, MapReduce, Logging, and More. @kreneskyp
  • Experiences with Open Source Vendors (my un-chosen session proposal---but as an unconference session, we should expand to a round-table conversation/panel of our experiences in IT!)