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Volunteer position descriptions are below. If you would like to volunteer, view the available Volunteer Shifts and then email Christie Koehler (christiekoehler at gmail dot com) with the following info:

  • full name
  • contact phone number
  • shifts and positions you would like to work
  • if you do not already have a conference pass and would like to work 8 hours and receive a complimentary o

Evening Volunteer Coordinator

After hours (6pm to 10pm) volunteer coordination (relief for Christie Koehler, Volunteer Coordinator).

Hacker Lounge Event Coordinator

Keep track of who is on duty to help out in the lounge. Make volunteer schedule for the lounge. Help keep the wiki updated.

Hacker Lounge Event Assistants (person in lounge during peak usage hours)

Get the projection screen out of the volunteer suite for people who want to use it. Put it away when they are done. Greet people. Help people find the work group they are looking to meet up with. Get in touch with a "person in charge" if an unexpected need or problem arises. Hang out and be social.

Session Room Helpers (one per room, was A/V Support)

Welcome people to the room. Keep track of what session is next, and which one is going so you can confirm people are in the right place. Make sure the presenters have everything they need. Make sure the audio is on and the projector is working correctly, get an A/V tech if they're not. Let the Logistics Coordinator know if there is equipment missing that is needed. If you are in one of the Ballrooms keep an eye on the beverage service and let the Logistics Coordinator know if we are running out. Do a head count at the beginning of each session and record it on the session attendance sheet. If the presenter is a no show, let someone in charge know immediately.

Event Support (gophers)

4-5 people per shift. Go around and see if an of the volunteers need to be relieved for bathroom breaks etc. Help track down an A/V tech (there are two of these on staff from the A/V company during the day) or the Logistics Coordinator to deal with A/V and setup needs as they arise. Engage people who look lost or confused in conversation, helping make sure everyone is getting around okay. Get the Logistics Coordinator if a Food and Beverage Problem arises.

Also includes Info Desk assistant and Speaker lounge helper.

Greeters (8am to 10am Wednesday and Thursday)

To welcome people to the conference on the first day, provide directions to registration and rooms.

Exhibit Hall Coordinator

Welcome people to the exhibit hall. Help vendors find the correct table to set up at. Tell people about the exhibit hall wiki. Encourage people to use the work tables and free space. Prevent/handle chaos.

Registration Assistants (8am to 2pm Wednesday and Thursday)

Help Lori with her needs at the registration desk.

Laptop Wrangler

Manage rented laptops. Make sure speakers have what they need for their laptops. Help with any laptop issues that arise.

Media and Sponsor Liaisons

Be the point person for media and sponsors. Answer questions, get them what they need, etc.