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Unconference schedule for Friday, 21 June 2013: on Etherpad

Unconference Schedule 2012

Time B201 B202/203 B204 B301 B302/303 B304 Other Locations
10:15-11 Get fiber in Portland/Broadband community interests Russell Senior/Mary Beth Henry Openness is good(outside of software) Open Hatch website feedback Where's the party? Fight censorship Distributed mirror network in pure js @petewearspants Many clients, one model Javascript, iPhone, Android from one server Arlo Belshee Do what? Lets talk keynotes. @maryannepdx
11:15-12 Mapping food carts with Ushahidi @spinnerin OpenEMR Open source medical records @Tonymiz Webcomics Bart Massey Bike a user guide for geeks @maxisnow Biases, heuristics, and rationality @outofculture Northwest autonomous systems labratory (wanna help?) (Hacker Lounge) Real-Time Status Monitoring @pvande
Lunch (Hacker Lounge) Text editor shootout 1PM
1:30-2:15 Models in the browser Backbone, knockout, angular. MVVC data binding Kevin Turner @keturn Building semantic web applications @bpanulla + @pdxleif Strengthening alumni association community Jfitz @railsfitz Lets organize intro programming workshops/I want to teach open source in your community @christiekoehler Ricochet Robots Bart Massey What's New in MediaWiki 1.17 & How You Can Help Sumana H. Privilege/Presentation and identity in tech
2:30-3:15 Machine Learning - Russell Branca Brainstorm for Freedom @petewearspants Story of Spaz: How to Give Everything Away, Make No Money, & Still Win - Ed Finkler Discussion Open source/open life - privacy in the age of the internet - Steve Lamb What is the Indie web and how do I join it Tantek Celik Legend of Adventure(WIP) An HTML,CSS3,Tornado game with demos (courtyard) Nerdy stand up comedy Sumana H./(Hacker Lounge) Key signing party PFein