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We strive to provide a variety of tasty food throughout the conference using mostly small, local businesses. We do use a local, larger grocery for our deli trays and we visit Trader Joe's for many of our sweets. Aside from those, all of our orders for 2013 are from the following businesses.

Please considering visiting them in the future and letting them know you enjoyed food they made at Open Source Bridge.

Day 1 -

  • Breakfast Pastries: Dovetail Bakery
  • Lunch: Los Gorditos
  • Tea Sweets: Back to Eden Bakery

Day 2 -

  • Breakfast Pastries & Tea Sweets: Black Sheep Bakery
  • Lunch: Nicholas Restaurant

Day 3 -

  • Breakfast Pastries & Tea Sweets: Sweetpea Baking Company
  • Lunch: Vele Thai
  • Party Dinner: Bon Appetit / Theory Restaurant
  • Party Sweets: Petunia's Pies & Pastries

Day 4 -

  • Breakfast Pastries: Sweetpea Baking Company / Voodoo Doughnuts