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Unconference schedule for Open Source Bridge 2013 - moved from http://etherpad.opensourcebridge.org/unconf


  • High availability for mere mortals on a shoestring budget - lessons learned at Dark Horse Comics (B201) -- notes at High availability
  • FLOSS Product Management (B202/203) - notes at Product management
  • OS for underserved communities (B204)
  • Agile crafting (B301)
  • Digital homesteading (B302/303)
  • Test with FiveUI (B304)
  • Accessibility in event spaces (Couch corner of hacker lounge)


  • COFFEE: Learning, tasting, enjoying (Atrium) Duke Leto
  • Data journalism text mining (A201 - speaker's lounge)
  • Forking physical products (B201)
  • FLOSS diversity poll (B202/203)
  • Hadoop/MapReduce (B204)
  • Open Recipes (B301)
  • Social network anyone can edit (B302/303) Q: is this Poderopedia?? - lizhenry
  • This line is not secure (B304)
  • Feminist hackerspace alliance (Couch corner of hacker lounge) planning meeting for new spaces! @lizhenry

1-1:30 lightning talks (hacker lounge) 1:30-2:15

  • Remember we were all beginners (A201 - speaker's lounge) Beginner-friendlifying your talks & explanations Liene @li3n3
  • Typography nerds unite (B201) Open source font discussion @capnleela @pdxleif Notes: Typography
  • Quantifying community dysfunction (B202/203) & Measuring Community Engagement @sarahsharp
  • Intro to Powershell (B204) Craig Meinshcein
  • Not Applying For That Job (B301) Job ad warning signs @wiredferret http://notapplyingforthat.tumblr.com/
  • Activist event calendar (B302/303) @ActivateLinds activatehub.org
  • Open source experience at RENTRAK (B304) @gcbenison
  • I am a designer - ask me anything (Couch corner of hacker lounge) @skyler


  • Taking down Facebook (A201 - speaker's lounge) An open roundtable discussion pragmatically replace FB with healthy, decentralized, safe, non-profit driven alternatives like Diaspora, Friendica, etc.
  • Agile & Open Source (B201) Compare, contrast, synthesize Ian Buchanan
  • Webcomics (B202/203) A free-form exploratio. Newbie and expert friendly. Bart Massey & Jamey Sharp
  • Refactoring to AngularJS (B204) and ridding the world of disease! CDC - style (Open source epidemiology) Josh Gough (evolving github repo: https://github.com/jogoshugh/openepi.angular )
  • Open Portland (B301) and a better hope for public cata @milkandtang
  • Igal Koshevoy memorial catcamp (B302/303) Hover, train..... @spinnerin
  • Geek Choir II (B304) (i.e. all the pieces we didn't get to Tuesday) @operatic
  • Digital inheritance (Couch corner of hacker lounge) (What happens to our digital assets when we go? What about our images/personas) @wiredferret
  • Feelings

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