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Before the Conference

When will I know if my talk has been accepted?

Talk acceptances will be sent in late April.

Conference Schedule (When will my talk be?)

Talk acceptance notifications will include the date and time of your talk. If for some reason, you need to reschedule your talk to a different date or time, please let us know ASAP (content@opensourcebridge.org).

We will publish the conference schedule in late April/early May.

Code of Conduct

All OSBridge participants, including speakers must abide by our Code of Conduct. Please review it prior to your arrival at the conference and ensure that your talk materials conform to this code.

Recording Policy

Please review our Recording Policy

Conference Registration

Open Source Bridge offers free admission for speakers. Once we receive confirmation of your proposal acceptance, we'll send out conference registration codes.

Regarding travel costs: While we would love to cover speaker travel costs, we simply cannot afford to do so. As an all-volunteer run event where sponsorships and registration just cover the basic expenses of the event, we ask speakers to bear the expense of travel to help keep the event affordable to as many Open Source Citizens as possible.


We're working on arranging some hotel discounts for OSBridge attendees. When we have those, you can find them, along with lots of other information about Portland accommodations on the Lodging page.

Letters of Invitation

If you need a letter of invitation in order to help you obtain a visa for crossing the US border, let us know (email content@opensourcebridge.org).

Promote your talk

We have badges available for you to promote your talk: http://opensourcebridge.org/get-involved/promote/

Preparing your talk

How you prepare is up to you! But, consider producing a text transcript and/or slides that you can add to the Session Notes for your talk after you present.

At the Conference

Speaker Room and Volunteers

There will be a designated room at the conference for speakers to prepare or hang out. A volunteer will be assigned to take you to the room where you'll be presenting and introduce your talk.


There will be projectors in every room. The projectors have 1024x768 resolution. They are capable of doing widescreen if a presenter has made their presentation in that format. Be sure to bring the appropriate video adapter for your laptop (the projectors all accept VGA).


Whiteboards will be available in some rooms. We'll indicate which rooms when we get closer to the conference (early June). Please let us know if you absolutely need one.


The conference venue will be equipped with wifi for all participants. However, it is always a good idea to be prepared to present an offline version of your talk, just in case.

Session Notes

On your session page there will be a link to the session notes wiki page for your session. Be sure to remind attendees to take notes! You can also add your notes and slides to this page -- either before or after your talk.

Hacker Lounge

This year's Hacker Lounge space will be onsite at the Eliot Center. If you are presenting a project in development, consider scheduling a time when people can collaborate, discuss, and brainstorm. We encourage you to publicize this during your talk, and let us know (hackerlounge@opensourcebridge.org) so we can post the schedule on the conference website.