2015/Wrapup Session

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Thank yous

  • Sparkle Pony decorating committee & patrons
  • Core organization team
  • Electronic lab at PSU for letting us use their LASER to fab our award
  • Sponsors!
  • Our organist, Rob Fischel


  • There's a CFP out for the new "Open Source and Feelings" conference; it closes in two weeks: http://osfeels.com/
  • Next OSBridge: June 21-24, 2016
  • If you have ideas for organ music, send them to us any time during the year.
  • Video recordings of talks will be up within 60 days.



  • The people
  • Sparkle pony hacker lounge
  • Having the party at the Eliot Center
  • Doubleclicks
  • Organ Music, keynote intros
  • Vegan food
  • Volunteers
  • Sessions
  • Recordings of sessions
  • Venue
  • Badges printed on both sides
  • Lanyard color codes
  • Swag
  • Floor tape
  • Signs helping us respect the school. (We've learned the conference has outgrown its space and will have moved on next year, so we'll have more space.)
  • Activities (lockpicking, calligraphy, button maker)
  • Childcare
  • Ottoman reinforcement
  • More history jokes

Possible improvements

  • Closed-captioning for keynotes
  • bring back live-streaming of keynotes
  • Print speaker opt-out info in the program
  • Add names and twitter handles to programs
  • Audience mic for Q&A
  • Try index card method for Q&A
  • More technical talks!
  • Make it clearer what the prereqs are for a talk. Add a prereqs field for the talk?
    • guidance on what the beginner/intermediate/advanced fields mean.
    • clarify meaning of Excerpt field
  • Bring back mental health BoF
  • Explain what a BoF is (on the web site)
  • Time space continuum -- good talks scheduled against each other
  • Accessible quiet rooms
  • Obvious spaces in talks for wheelchairs
  • Backup system in case of lift failure
  • Projectors for the unconference
  • Make sure there's enough food at lunch
  • Bigger whiteboards in all rooms
  • Speakers should make sure to describe orally anything that's happening visually on the screen
  • Ice in the water
  • More hands-on sessions
  • Some speakers forgot to turn on their mic until they were partway into the talks. Make sure the volunteers know how to do the mic check.
  • Bring back the session runners. (People escorting speakers to sessions, making sure speakers have the things they need for their talks.)
  • Get the volunteer announcement & form up earlier so people can make travel plans. (Idea: ticket type on Eventbrite)
  • Speaker lounge needs A/C.
  • Tuesday-Friday is hard for people who work for a living to free up the time. Would prefer Thursday-Sunday or Wednesday-Saturday.
  • Bring the brownies back
  • More long-form sessions & hands-on
  • Risers for speaker laptops
  • Session notes links (Work is in process on this)
  • Earlier fundraising, earlier childcare announcement
  • More clocks around venue.
  • Volunteers covering two talks in a row barely have time to get down to speaker lounge and back.
  • Signs on rooms showing what talks are happening that day
  • More checklists for organizers.
  • third-floor room got hot.
  • Fewer squeaky chairs

Going Forward

We're looking for ways to make this conference sustainable and to be able to keep doing it. Reid will be out of the country next year and Christie is very busy, so we are recruiting. People to plan, fundraise, come up with ideas for fundraising ...

Sponsorship for this conference is disproportionately dependent on corporate sponsorship, and we want to find ways to change that. If you have ideas, please bring them to us. Idea (Aasheesh Laroia): PyCon found that they could charge speakers full price, but make information about speaker aid really transparent, because some companies are happy to pay for conference tickets for their employees who are speaking.